Live bus times on your phone

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Are you tired of waiting in the wet and cold for the next bus? Had enough of delays and unnecessarily waiting for buses? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could know exactly when the next bus arrives and plan your journey to suit your needs? With BUStop London you can do just that!

It's the perfect companion for bus travel during the Olympic Games period!

BUStop London is brought to you by telent Technology Services Limited, who were awarded the contract by Transport for London (TfL) to develop the Countdown software to deliver web and mobile content. TfL’s award winning Countdown System delivers bus Real Time Information for every one of the 19,000 bus stops and 700 routes in London, and is the largest and most technically complex Real Time Passenger Information System of its kind in the world.

BUStop London provides you with an exciting range of functionality including real-time information on departure and arrival times for London’s buses by taking data directly fed from the new London Bus Countdown System.

With a clean user interface you can easily see your nearest bus stops and travel options. BUStop London has seamless integration with social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook as well as allowing the easy sending of emails and SMS messages in-app.

BUStop London also allows you to set customisable alerts notifying you when a bus is approaching a selected stop – for example you could set an alert 5 minutes before your bus reaches your nearest stop thus allowing you to finish that coffee in peace, knowing you won’t miss your bus. You could also set an alert when you’re 100m from your destination stop helping ensure you disembark at the right place, and through integration with Facebook, Twitter and SMS, you now can conveniently let friends and family know of your arrival times and destinations directly from the app.


Clean user interface
  • Easy to navigate
  • All the important information on the home screen
  • Shows direction on map pins

  • Sharing
  • Share via: Facebook, Twitter, Email, SMS*
  • Pre-configured messages
  • Stops, route, trips/records

  • Recording/Logging
  • See next timetable for that trip
  • See previous trip dates & durations
  • Share your route record with friends and family

  • Alerts for bus
  • times when at stop waiting for a bus
  • times when on a bus looking at a destination
  • by current location when you're about to arrive at your destination
  • customise the time interval before being alerted

  • Fare Calculator - Know exactly how much to pay

    * only on iPhones or devices running iMessage (iOS5)